Alpha Consultancy and Training (ACT) Pte Ltd

[Professional Services]

Employer’s Story – By Chang Keen Weng (Managing Consultant)

“Alpha Consulting and Training (ACT) is a leading productivity, quality and business management consulting & training company. ACT assists MNCs and SMEs in setting up management systems and implementing productivity and quality initiatives to achieve quantum improvements in their productivity. ACT also provides comprehensive training and coaching services to help clients to nurture their productivity and quality culture. With a proven track record in helping numerous organizations embarking on a transformational change, by renewing and transforming their organizational strategy and infrastructure.

Interns in ACT are being groomed as trainee consultants of the company. They are given ample opportunities to develop consultancy and training materials on professional business management systems. They constantly innovated and improved on the training materials to keep up with the most updated industry standards and ensure that ACT’s training participants undergo comprehensive and fruitful trainings.

Trainee Consultants have played important roles in consultations engagement such as guiding the clients through enhancing their professional business management systems. The Trainee Consultants have been valuable assets to ACT and contributed to ACT’s vision in becoming a world-class consultancy and training Centre.”