ANR Technologies Pte Ltd

[Wholesale Trade]

Employer’s Story – By Ricky Chua

“As a fast-growing company specializing in the Research and Development industry, ANR Technologies has a global customer base with materials sourced from around the world. The Global Ready Talent (GRT) programme is the perfect launchpad for our company to train and expose interns to the norms and intricacies of the international marketplace.

From graphic designs that extend beyond the domestic Singapore audience, to logistic and shipping considerations for overseas customers, to administrative challenges such as international payments and online meetings across time-zones, GRT interns are given the opportunity to learn the ropes and widen their horizons in a nurturing environment that challenges them everyday.

Our interns that have completed the GRT programme have continued to work with us in their free time as they complete their remaining semesters of study. We intend to offer a GRT intern a full position with our company after their graduation. ANR Technologies has benefited immensely from the GRT programme. We are also honoured to be able to share our experience with our student interns and hope to be able to build a lasting working relation with them.”