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[Human Resources]

Employer’s Story – By Cindy Yeo, MD

“Citadel Search is an Executive Search firm that recognizes that talents are the competitive edge of every organization. Our organization believes in providing fair opportunities to all candidates and guide them through their career journey embracing values of Diversity & Inclusion in the process. We have placed hundreds of candidates in 7 countries over a period of 15 years.

Since 2018, we have had 2 interns from Singapore Management University, 1 from National Technological University, 1 from Temasek Polytechnic. We have found them to be promising young talents as we future proof them to be ready for the industry when they graduate from their respective tertiary institutions. They typically come in wide-eyed and very open to learning, while we equip them with digital marketing and talent acquisition skills.

Through the SME Talent Program, it has enabled us to find several hard-working and promising candidates who have helped us on several key projects. The SME Talent Program we designed is holistic in nature, helping them learn various aspects related to Human Resources & Digital Marketing, where they are encouraged to take the lead. They have helped us on several interesting events as well such as CSR Events & Marketing Forums and Talks. We also enabled them by giving opportunities to accompany us on client visits, relevant seminars & also in-house workshops to speed up their clarity of defining their career aspirations. The SME Talent Program has been successful and symbiotic in nature both for the interns & our organization. Thank you SMF and STP, we look forward to more of such partnerships going forward!”