Cognitive Development Learning Centre Pte Ltd

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Employer’s Story – By Chia Lee Hwe

“Cognitive Development Learning Centre is a learning centre since 2009 where we recognise the challenges faced by children with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD/ADD. We offer a personalised education programme that builds the child’s self-esteem as well as his/her ability to learn autonomously, while closely following the mainstream MOE syllabus.

Since 2015, we have had interns from various universities in Singapore looking for opportunities to work and acquire the skills in coaching children with learning difficulties. These interns bring along a fresh perspective of their understanding on how to manage and help our students. Our staff welcome the fresh perspective, generate interesting discussions on intervention methods and updating their coaching approach. The sparks created as a result of both experienced staff and interns enabled Cognitive to constantly upgrade our processes and methodologies. We are grateful that GRT programme allow us to further maximise our resources in recruiting more interns to further our capabilities.”