Eastern Navigation Pte Ltd

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Employer’s Story – By Willy Tan

“The Eastern Navigation Group headquartered in Singapore is one of the region’s leading owner/operator of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV’s), providing services to businesses engaged in the exploration and production of offshore oil and gas reserves as well as the windfarm market.

In addition, the group also operates 2 shipyards in the region. With our culture of operational excellence, developing strong competencies around in our core businesses as well as a strong balance sheet and over 50 years of experience, the group has built the foundation for continued growth.

The GRT programme has enabled us to engage with the Singapore Institute of Technology who provided highly motivated interns who were able to complement our workforce by providing hands-on involvement in troubleshooting/repair/overhaul of vessel equipment as well as assisting us in the implementation of the company’s new vessel maintenance software. With the internship programme, the interns learnt more about the industry and were inspired to tell their schoolmates about their experience which we hope will attract more young blood in the trade.”