Enlitho Pte Ltd

[M & E – Precision Engineering]

Employer’s Story – By Nicholas Oh

“Enlitho is a deep-tech start-up founded in 2017 from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) that specialises in micro- and nanoscale design and fabrication. Our core capabilities include precision lithography and master mold fabrication of micron and sub-micron structures that can be used in nanoimprint lithography and injection-molding. Our key industries-of-focus are microfluidics and optics.

Enlitho’s main technology-of-focus is in the design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of microfluidic devices in polymer-based material. We aim to work with private and public institutes to provide a platform to translate microfluidic research technology to market through our established in-house manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to adopt an attractive one-stop shop model that keeps technology local, better manage project schedules and safeguard technology IP.

GRT provides a mutually-beneficial platform for start-ups to engage with student interns from the local universities of Singapore. This gives the company an opportunity to interact with, and train / coach the interns during their internship period which allows for easier and smoother transition into the company operations upon their graduation. Simultaneously, interns get to experience a hands-on learning, and being able to put to use theories and knowledge learnt from the classroom to solve real-world problems and create impactful products.”

Enlitho interns under GRT programme at SUTD’s internship poster presentation
Molded microfluidic device in polycarbonate
Molded microstructures with 10um critical dimension
Stitched image of microfluidic channel with microstructures