nPlasty Pte Ltd

[Infocomm & Technology]

Employer’s Story – By Siddharth Adam

“nPlasty is a Singapore-based start-up, founded to address the training needs of surgeons around the world. nPlasty’s virtual reality simulator replicates surgical training currently done on cadavers, with significantly reduced costs and without all the ethical issues surrounding cadaver use. Our cutting-edge technology, which brought together haptic systems and virtual reality, ensures surgeons have the most realistic and efficient training experience.

The SMF officer advised and assisted us with the enrolling for the STP as a result of which Anthea, Jeremy, and Faiz, our interns from NUS and DigiPen Institute of Technology joined us for a few months in 2019. They have contributed significantly to our research in Spinal Surgical Procedures, as well as in User Interface Design in Virtual Reality. Their proactivity and enthusiasm allowed exchange of ideas from different perspectives, which enabled all of us in the company to have thorough discussions on how to better develop our product for the end users. Besides, they also played supportive roles in ongoing projects, to which they provide invaluable user feedbacks, thereby allowing the development team to improve user experience.”