Panarchy Partners Pte Ltd

[Professional Services]

Employer’s Story – By Ben Yeoh

“Panarchy Partners is a registered funds management company in Singapore and was founded in 2018 by a passionate team of experienced investment and sustainability professionals, who aspire to redefine wealth and its creation. We offer sustainability-driven funds management to our Partners, who have a shared desire of Sustainable Returns and Progress on all 4 forms of capital; Human, Social, Environmental and Financial.

Investors have traditionally distinguished investing from sustainable investing. Our Panvest® philosophy and process eliminates the need to make that distinction. We propose the evolution of investing as Panvesting. As Panvestors it is our goal to become a stakeholder in all forms of capital – only then do we believe we will benefit comprehensively as shareholders.

As a new and growing company, the GRT program is extremely helpful in multiple ways. Yes – the most obvious is that it provides us with funding for additional resources that we might not be otherwise able to take on. More important to us however, is that it provides a forum for more of the young talent of Singapore to understand our investment philosophy and to proliferate our message as spokespeople.”