Sea Hover Technologies Pte Ltd


Employer’s Story – By Geoffrey Lee

“Since inception in 2002, Sea Hover Technologies has evolved with cutting-edge testing and calibration facilities. Working closely with our partners, we offer sale, service/repair, and maintenance of extensive range of electrical, instrument, and control system for the marine industries.

In 2018 we proudly launched SHT2002 Ullage Temperature Interface Gauging Device, it is used for tank level measurement on marine vessel and tank farm. It is user friendly and durable, providing great accuracy with low maintenance cost. It is suitable for hydrocarbons and corrosive liquids application.

Through the SME Talent Program (STP), we were able to engage Institute of Technical Education (ITE), particularly in Marine Electronics, accessing potential local talents to assist us on various projects. The interns assist engineer performing various tasks from instruments calibration, on board vessel automation jobs, to SHT2002 UTI assembly work. The SME Talent Program has been successful and beneficial for both our interns and our organization. We look forward to continual STP/GRT support.”