SG Assist Pte Ltd

[Biomedical & Healthcare Services]

Employer’s Story – By Greg Tan

“SG Assist is a social enterprise that aims to connect caregivers with their beneficiaries at home with Community Responders (aka Kampong Heroes!) from around the neighbourhood, via a community-based, crowd-sourced mobile app. Users can request for timely assistance from Kampong Heroes to attend to these beneficiaries, who include the elderly, live-alone parents, children, patients with chronic conditions, and more.

SG Assist’s model and vision ties into the reality of Singaporean society. Our platform is designed to especially target the urban unsupported, which includes the elderly population. We can onboard beneficiaries, caregivers, and responders in the area to attend to their needs. For example, responders from around the neighbourhood can check in at the beneficiary’s doorstep to ease caregivers’ worries, they can facilitate movement of the elderly from the home to neighbourhood centres, they can also check for signs and symptoms of a possible emergency. This gives a peace of mind to every caregiver in the most timely fashion!

Participating in the STP/GRT program have helped SG Assist in a lot of ways. Many interns are filled with new and sometimes novel ideas. They can bring a different outlook and perspective on how our business could be better. Building relationships and trust with our interns enables the company to identify outstanding and potential employees whom also have been imbued into our company’s culture. As a startup, keeping within our budget has always been a challenge. And working with interns that have the willingness to learn and contribute to any tasks assigned to them, greatly benefited the early stage of the company.”