Singapore Engraving And Offset Plate Making Company

[M & E – General Manufacturing]

Employer’s Story – By Serena Lim

“We are Singapore Engraving founded in 1975. Our company specialized in producing engraved plates and developed film for local and overseas printing industry. We pursued to be a responsible company for the Environment and the Society.

To achieve our first goal for the Environment, we subcontracted the industrial waste expert companies to collect all the produced wastes including empty contamination carboys.

To achieve our second goal for the Society, we go on board the STP/GRT program. Our company have recruited 3 interns from Higher Nitec Mechanical Engineering and Nitec Mechanical Technology from ITE East Collage starting from 2019. Our first batch of interns will be ending their attachment soon. During the internship, the interns learned the overall manufacturing processing from the starting point of receiving orders to serving customers at the end point, understand company’s implementation of safety and quality controls, building their rapports with colleagues and/or customers. Interns have shown their willingness to learn from superior and are able to follow the instructions closely to produce quality finished products.

We are happy with the interns putting in their efforts in work and are also happy to recruit again in future.”