Zinnia Packaging (S) Pte Ltd

[Food Manufacturing]

Employer’s Story – By Natasha Ng

“Zinnia Packaging (S) Pte Ltd is a distributor of food processing and food packaging machinery. We have over 20 years of experience in food manufacturing, and an international presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our core business is providing machines to food manufacturers and slaughterhouses, as well as the after sales service required for maintenance.

Through the GRT programme, we have managed to have ITE interns join our organization. This has been a learning experience for both us and the interns. We have gained insight on today’s youth and the latest developments in their curriculum. It has helped us to update our company culture and adapt to working with a younger workforce. The interns also provide novel suggestions which allows us to see our current business from a fresh perspective.

The GRT programme has been very helpful, and with the government’s support, we strongly recommend that SMEs apply for this grant in order to gain new insights and refresh their workforce.”